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to your roof

Environmentally Friendly,
90% Bio-based product.

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An Eco-friendly Alternative

Avoid costly roof replacement.

We are able to help our Alberta customers save a ton of money and time from having to replace their roof shingles. An Enviroroof treatment can help save up to 85% of the cost to replace a roof by adding 5-15 years of life to their asphalt shingles. Our shingle rejuvenation extends the life of asphalt shingles, keeping shingles on roofs and out of the landfills. EnviroRoof is a powerful, scientifically formulated treatment that’s derived from soybean oil.

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Financing available

Specializing in Condos & Large Complexes

Our specialty is large condominium buildings and multi-family residential buildings. We can offer the greatest discounts to groups & board members. Re-shingling large asphalt roofs can be a very expensive project, let Enviroroof help save you time and thousands of dollars with our treatment for large residential condos and complexes! We offer financing options, reach out today to discuss options to extend the life of your complex’s roof.

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Why choose EnviroRoof?

Envirroofs service was fantastic. We were looking at a huge cost to re-shingle our 2500 square foot home. We went with Envroroof instead and our roof looks almost new again!



Saving Homeowners up to 85% Of

The Cost To Replace Their Roofs!

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Plant-based Formula

Shingle Preservation

  • • Extend Shingle Life up to 15 Years

  • • Improve the Shingle’s Appearance

  • • Reduce Cracking, Edge Curl and Staining

  • • Improve Moisture Resistance

  • • Restore the Shingles Original Color

  • • Reduce the Rate of Shingle Degradation

Extend the Life of your roof

Before & After

Our plant-based, environmentally friendly oils are designed to replenish the bitumen within the asphalt shingle while turning it back to its original state. Customers can expect to extend the life of their existing roof by up to 15 years!

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Selling Your Home?

If you’re selling your home you want to get the most value possible. Our product will rejuvenate your shingles and the entire look of your home while extending the life of your roof for the next owners! Before you pay to re-shingle your home for sale, contact us to discuss your options.

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sustainably increase the life of your roof!

Plant Based

Our 100% active, plant-based roof preservation

Elements Protection

Designed to aid in water, snow, UV protection

Shingle Preservation

Avoid costly roof replacement increase the life of your roof!

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Over 25,000 Roofs sprayed across North America

Through our Partners at Greener Shingles
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